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Olympic Impact

Olympic Impact

T.L.A. TITLE:Olympic Impact
DATE: Current Date

SITUATION/SCENARIO:As a resident of Salt Lake City you have waited for years for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. People from all over the world will be converging on your city. This will create not only an overwhelming excitement but also unforeseen problems.

People:Four and five members per group
Information or Knowledge:Brochures, AAA tour book, newspaper, any other useful material
Time:Solution Problem Statement: 3 days
Extension Activities: 4 days

Subject Area:Business
Grade Level:9-12

SOLUTION/PROBLEM:You are the editor of the Lifestyles Section in The Salt Lake City Tribune. You have been asked to create an original puzzle for the Sunday paper using Olympic events. This could be in the form of a crossword puzzle, a maze, a word search, etc.

  1. A letter needs to be sent to area residents informing them about hotel accommodation, restaurants, and area attractions. You will need to perform a mail merge with 5 names of people you know. Print each of the letters - plus print the form letter file.
  2. Create a flyer (from provided brochure) to an area attraction in Atlanta. Include as much information as possible, but still in an attractive format.
  3. Create a list of hotels, addresses, and prices (at least 10) that are located in the Salt Lake City area. This list should be centered horizontally and vertically.
  4. Create a news release about one of the events to be featured at the Olympics.
  5. Attend decision-making session with your team.

Subject Area:English
Grade Level:9-12

SOLUTION/PROBLEM STATEMENT: You work for the sports Department of the Salt Lake City Tribune. Your department is to write a news article an olympic sporting event. It must include the origin of the event, the purpose of tyhe game, the scoring of the game, the equipment used, the place the event will be played, how the game is played with rules, and some of the famous athletes who have participated in the game in previous Olympics. Remeber to explain any vocabulary related to the game that your readers may not understand.

  1. Submit notes from the seminar on newspaper reporting. The seminar will take place on DATE
  2. Present a play: TRIAL OF SOCRATES
    1. Speech I or Speech II students must learn a part.
    2. One person from each team will be on a jury.
    3. One person from each team will work on costumes by providing an approptiate costume.
    4. One person from each team will work on set design and sonstruction by providing an appropriate part of the set.
    5. All members will take the BASIC FACTS quiz.
    6. Plays will be presented DATE

  3. Write an open letter about some aspect of life today that you think is unfair.

    1. Each member of the team writes a letter.
    2. Jigsaw read "An Open Letter to a Young Negro"
    3. Write your letter to someone you think will understand your feelings.
    4. Include you own personal experiences relating to the situation and/or the experience.
    5. Letter must be spell checked.
    6. Letter must be grammer checked.
    7. Letter must be truned in DATE.

Subject Area:Mathematics
Grade Level:9-12

SOLUTION/PROBLEM STATEMENT:You are a traffic engineer hired by the Atlanta Olympic Committee. Design a plan for the transportation of spectators to Olympic events at certain selected sites.

Extension Activities:
  1. Submit notes from the seminar on civil engineering. The seminar will take place Tuesday morning.
  2. Complete the assigned worksheets.

Subject Area:Social Studies
Grade Level:9-12

SOLUTION/PROBLEM STATEMENT:Although you are a resident of Atlanta, your brother has temporarily hired you to work in his travel agency in PoDunk, U.S.A. His agency has received numerous phone calls from potential customers expressing an interest in traveling to Atlanta for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. As his new agent from Atlanta, design at least two travel plans (expensive to less expensive) that would accommodate potential customers. In your plan be sure to include costs for things like transportation, lodging, tickets to events, etc.

Extension Activities:
  1. In a brief paper compare the governmental problems of Ancient Greece with Modem Day governmental problems of our major cities. Also what special problems will the Olympic Games place on the city govenunent of the Atlanta area, (AG).
  2. Our modern Olympic Games are fashioned from the Ancient Greek Competitions. In a brief paper answer the following questions: (1) In what ways are they the same? (2) What additions have the modern games made to reflect different or new areas of athletics.

Subject Area:Science
Grade Level:9-12

SOLUTION/PROBLEM STATEMENT:Smog-air pollution will be an kincreased problem in atlanta. You will create a mixture similar to that in acid rain by burning sulfur in air and adding water. You will then observe the effects of acid rain chemistry on plant material (represented by an apple peel), living creatures (represented by a culture of microorganisms), an active metal (magnesium), and chalk.

Extension Activities:
These topics will be researched by the student with teacher instruction.
    What is air pollution?
    Major air pollutants
    How smog is hazardous to your health
    Interpreting Tables and Charts
    Ways to Control Air Pollution
    Controlling Automobile Emissions
    Acid Rain
    Use of a Bunsen burner and safety procedures
    Industrial Emissions

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