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A Night In Heorot

T.L.A. TITLE:A Night In Heorot
WRITTEN BY:1997 ABA Seniors
SCHOOL:Baker County High School
DATE: Current Date

Subject Area:English Honors IV
Grade Level:12th

SITUATION SCENARIO: You are a member of the city commission committee that is responsible for Heritage Week.

People:3 - 6
Information or Knowledge:Research, Word Proccessing, Reading, and Teaming Skills
Tools/Equipment:Computer, CD Rom, Internet, Copy Machine, and any other
Materials:Paper, and any other
Capital:If any, see instructor
Time:14 Class Hours

1. Choose one committee to work on for the Heorot party. A. Design, make, and distribute invitations. (Research the writting of the time period.) The invitations must be approved by the class. Report to the class. B. Research the food and drink of the period and plan the menu for the number of guests invited. Report the menu to the class. C. Research the clothing styles of the period. Report to the class for costume suggestions. D. Research the entertainment of the period and later periods adjacent then plan the evenings entertainment. Report to the teacher. 2. Define the following vocabulary words from the poem. A. perpetrate B. atrocity C. ravenous D. dais E. guys(lines 1540-41) F. carouse G. retinue H. fledgling 3. Choose one of the following writing assignments. Remember what you have learned about writing summaries. Your paper must be word processed and can be no shorter than ten sentences. A. Summarize Beowulf's battle with Grendel. B. Summarize Beowulf's battle with Grendel's mother. C. Summarize the use of fate and Christianity in the poem. D. Summarize the ideal Anglo-Saxon warrior and king as seen in the poem. 4. Selected Speech II students are to give informative speeches for the group.

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