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Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

. . . to visit all or at least one of these top secret sites, provided by the A.A.B.A.(Associates of the Academy of Business Administration.)

To receive your free version of Microsoft Internet Explorer and all the componets, report to Sgt. Gates through the following mirror:

For problems while on your mission please refer to the proper athorities at Learn2.

For information on future missions at the College of West Florida, please see Mission Control of West Florida

The Baker C.I.A., County Information Association, is located at Baker Co.

Other Links:
Baker County High School Homepage
HotBot is a great search engine.
Baker County High School Alumni page will help you find your friends.

Mr. Hill's Homepage, Mr. Hills students can receive online help here. Also, Mr. Hill has created an unofficial Jaguars page that is accessable through this site.
HurricanMike's site is full of interesting weather related facts, maps, and links. Check it out, it's quite invigorating.
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