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ABA Teachers


The Academy Teachers


On the left is Mrs. Debbie Charko, the business instructor. Mrs. Charko graduated high school at Ooltewach High School and received a bachelor's degree at University of Tennessee of Chattanooga. Mrs. Charko is witty, vibrant, and inovative. Because of her ability to cooperate well with others, she makes an excellent coordinator for the business academy. Mrs. Charko heads up the FBLA for the business academy and coordinates the TLA's. She teaches a variety of classes including word processing, desktop publishing, and basic computer skills. Mrs. Charko also arranges for students to obtain jobs at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida.

At the center is Mr. Thomas Hill, the math instructor. Mr. Hill graduated high school at West Nassau and received a bachelor's degree at the University of North Florida. Mr. Hill is the comedian of the academy, he is Jerry Seinfeld and Tommy Lee Jones all rolled into one. He is dedicated, hard working, and persistant. Mr. Hill gives a new-age glossy look to teaching and tries to make everything fun and refreshing.

On the right is Mrs. Betty Taylor, the language arts instructor. Mrs. Taylor graduated high school at Baker County High School. Mrs. Taylor received her bachelor's degree at the University of West Florida and is currently working on her master's degree at the University of Florida. Mrs. Taylor is outgoing, caring and energetic. Mrs. Taylor goes out of her way to reward good work and special achievments. Mrs. Taylor has a combination of old-fashioned and hands on teaching style. She likes to know her students on a personal level. She also brings new cultures and styles into the classroom while teaching in a warm atmosphere.

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