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History Lesson

History of the Academy

The academy has been in existence four years, through which it has undergone many changes. These changes include: Administrators, grade levels accepted, and teaching styles.

Approximately six weeks of in-service training and curriculum writing time was funded for the five teachers selected to implement the academy. Teachers and selected administration participated in the in-service training. Among programs provided were the following topics and experiences:

  • Total Quality Education by the Bureau of Career Development and School Improvement
  • High Schools that Work Conference sponsored by SREB
  • Academic and Vocational Integration Training and Curriculum Development
  • Curriculum Writing Individual and Team Work Days
  • Career Academy Meetings in Florida
  • Evaluation and Assessement Practices
  • Follow-Up on the Implementation of Career Academy Concepts
  • Evaluation Feedback and Recommendations
  • PLATO Training on Instructional Technology Implementations
  • F.I.R.N. Training for Educators
  • Prior to the second year, a new business teacher/coordinator, language arts teacher experienced in teaching the Applied Language Arts [CORD] Curriculum, and the chairperson of social studies were added to the faculty as replacements for the three members who chose not to continue.

    During the second year, the teachers were offered the opportunity to train in areas that they felt needed improvement. During this time, the teachers felt that the following in-service training experiences were valuable:

  • Transforming Education- A New Philosophy by Dr. Ronald P. Warwick
  • Virtual Learning Activity Development by Dr. Alexis Penn
  • Teaching and Management with PLATO by the vendor
  • SCANS Competency Development
  • F.I.R.N. Training for Educators Technology Learning Activities by Mrs. Janie Varner
  • Visiting the Cocoa Beach Academy
  • Career Academy Regional and State Meetings
  • Curriculum Writing Development Time
  • Summer Writing and Curriculum Development Time
  • Portfolio Development Training
  • Florida Educational Technology Conference
  • Florida School Improvement Conference
  • Florida Tech Prep Conference
  • During the third year, the faculty stayed in tact with the execption of the science teacher, who moved out of state. The new science teacher hired had experience in interdisciplinary instuctional methods in teamwork on middle school academic teams. She was also certified in high school science and social studies. During the third year of operation, the faculty participated in several in-sevice activities. Several of the academy teacher were asked to assume leadership roles in the Baker County High School Vision for Tomorrow and School Improvement Teams.

    At the end of the third year, the social studies teacher and the science teacher chose not to continue on in the academy. Prior to the fourth year, the decision was made to have social studies taught outside of the academy and a new science teacher was also chosen.

    Student in-service opportunites originally began through the recruitment and guidance department activities and open houses held to identify academy canadates. Their in-service activities grew to include the following types of activities during the years:

  • Work Place Readiness Workshops
  • Total Quality Team Training
  • Continuous Improvement in Education Seminars
  • Portfolio Development Training
  • Field Trips to Industries
  • Seminars at Walt Disney World
  • Field Trips at Colleges and Universities
  • Career Guidance Workshops
  • Preparation for a Scholarship Search
  • Florida Business Leader Association activities at local, district, and state
  • Job Interview Simulations
  • Educational and Career Goal Setting
  • Curriculum Development-TLA's by academy students
  • Leadership Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Student Teams Hosting Open House for Parents and Business
  • Student Teams Assisting with In-Service Programs

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